Movie World Opens Shocking Batman Arkham Asylum Ride

Movie World on the Gold Coast has officially opened their newest ride today, honouring Warner Bros. Interactive’s Batman Arkham Asylum video game.

The ride is the first of it’s kind in the world and is the re-launched version of the 17 year old ‘Lethal Weapon’ coaster. Named “Arkham Asylum – Shock Therapy”, the new ride features on-board audio as it accelerates to speeds of up to 85km per hour.

The theme park assures the feeling of 4.2G’s hitting your gut is “awesome”, and your upper body will experience total “freedom” – let’s hope that’s a marketing term. The total height of the ride is 32 meters and travels a total of 765 meters.

Along the way, you will be tormented by The Joker, Herley Quinn (below) and Killer Croc. The new ride kicks off the theme park’s Easter celebrations for the school holidays.

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  • Jpro Walkom

    Goodbye Lethal Weapon. I’ll Miss You! I was at Movie World back in 2010 First time in almost 2 Decades. So badly I wanted to ride Superman Escape but it was closed due to maintenance. SO ANNOYED! So I had to go on Lethal Weapon a considerably amount of times to get my Rollercoaster fix.