NeverDead Fan Page Invites Players to Undress Arcadia

Konami’s upcoming Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 action title NeverDead now has an official Facebook Fan Page!

The Fan Page actually has a hidden bonus – as more people click the ‘like’ button, more of the lead female character Arcadia will be ‘revealed’, in addition to previously unseen artwork and screenshots being released. But it’s not all simply softcore fan service – lead artist Atsushi Tsujimoto will also use the site to tell the story of Arcadia‚Äôs creation and evolution.

NeverDead, developed by Rebellion (Alien vs Predator 2010) is a third person shooter title where players will take the role of a ‘demonic agent’ named Bryce who, with the help of Arcadia, must go through a series of missions with the goal of defeating a demonic horde. The title is due for an Australian Summer 2011 release.

[Facebook Page]

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