Nintendo 3DS Conference to be Broadcast Online

September 1st, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Do you pretend you can speak Japanese to wow some random people on the internet? I know I do. Good news then – the Nintendo 3DS Conference, due to be held in Japan on September 13, will be live streamed on the internet!

You can watch all the announcements, live as they happen on the Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 Broadcast Page Happy Hour. Since it’s a Japanese conference, held in Japan, for the Japanese market, it’s unlikely to be translated via the broadcast. However, there will be millions of press at the event who, like you, pretend they know how to speak Japanese who will likely be Tweeting live.

I say “pretend” as last year’s trigger happy press pack at the event sent out a Tweet saying the price of the 3DS was $100 less than it actually was, sending Nintendo’s shares through the roof for half an hour. Whoops. We’ll be on the look out for similar hilarity this year!

The broadcast kicks off at 12 Noon Japan time on September 13, here are the Aussie times for your convenience;

Sydney: 1:00pm Sept. 13
Melbourne: 1:00pm Sept. 13
Hobart: 1:00pm Sept. 13
Brisbane: 1:00pm Sept. 13
Perth: 11:00am Sept. 13
New Zealand: 3:00pm Sept. 13
US Eastern: 11:00pm Sept. 12

Of course, for those who miss it, we’ll have all the latest as it happens here on Aussie-Gamer!

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