Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Available Now in Australia

Nintendo have made the latest firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console available for download in Australia.

Users will be able to download the update which adds the ability to add folders to the home screen, allowing players to sort their games and applications into groups of up to 60 icons per folder.

Other backend improvements have been made, too, and games for the console will now be able to receive patches from developers and publishers. The first confirmed patch will be for Mario Kart 7 and will remove the shortcut glitches that have skewed leader boards. This patch will drop in mid-may, and will be required to be downloaded from the eShop (for free) before players can play the game online.

Further, the eShop has been completely reworked, it now sports a new interface wich makes features like “Settings” and “Reviews” much easier to find.

Today, follow these steps to update your console to the latest firmware version;

– Plug your Nintendo 3DS into the power socket
– Go to the Home screen and choose “System Settings”
– Choose “Other Settings”
– Go to the last page (tap the “4”) and choose “System Update”
– Accept the terms and conditions
– You may put the Nintendo 3DS into Sleep Mode, but do not turn off the console while the update downloads
– Once downloaded, you will be prompted to restart the console. Hit “Okay”.

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  • Nivlak Bifreið

    You guys in Australia are so lucky!!!

  • Luke Clemenson

    Yes its available 😀