Nintendo 3DS had a QR Code reader which was, until yesterday, used exclusively for transferring Mii’s to the system. Now, with the latest firmware update, QR Code functionality has been expanded.

Nintendo 3DS now features a full QR Code Scanner, which can be accessed via the camera. While the scanning is not availible in the actualy camera application, you can find the scanner by going to the home menu and pressing either the L or R buttons to activate the “multi-task camera” (which doesn’t allow you to record, only capture still 3D/2D photos).

Here, a new button has been included – when pressed, the QR guidelines will appear on the top screen, allowing users to line it up to a real-world QR Code. Once scanned, the information – such as URL, etc, will be displayed, and you will be asked if you wish to launch the relevant software. In the case of a URL, the internet browser will launch.

This is one of many new additions not announced by Nintendo in their latest update. Others include a download manager in the eShop which allows you to download up to ten items at once while the console is in sleep mode, the ability to add as much funds as you need to your virtual wallet (instead of the standard “$10, $15 or $20 tiers) and the ability to save your credit card details to make adding funds slightly easier – protected with a password, of course.

Have you found any other easter eggs in the latest update? Let us know in the comments below!

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