Well, after a few hours of rumors, it seems someone finally decided to scan the page of Japanese magazine Famitsu that confirms what we’ve all been talking about; a second circle pad will indeed be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. We have the real details.

The attachment is being used mainly, or even purposefully, for the upcoming game (that has still not been announced officially, mind you), Monster Hunter Portable 3: G. The attachment adds extra grip to the Nintendo 3DS and, of course, another circle pad which is slightly smaller than the one already connected on your 3DS unit.

The accessory is optional, and gives players a console-feel experience on the Monster Hunter game. The back of the device enlarges the L and R buttons. Here’s the first image of the device from the magazine itself. It’s unclear – and even doubtful – that Nintendo will use the attachment on any game other than the Monster Hunter game.

Nintendo are expected to actually announce the device for themselves on September 13.

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