Nintendo 3DS to be Profitable for Nintendo by the End of 2012

Nintendo have announced they expect the Nintendo 3DS console to return to profit by the middle of their financial year, which ends in March 2013.

Nintendo have been taking a profit hit from the console since it reduced the recommended retail price of the device last year following sluggish sales in it’s first few months. Nintendo said in a statement today that the console will return to profit by the “middle of the financial year ending March 2013”.

Nintendo also said 3DS sales will grow from the release of a new title in the Brain Age series, which will go on sale in Japan sometime this year. It will focus on improving the player’s “working memory” – a brain function of processing or utilising the incoming information with information kept in the brain – and the “concentration power” at the same time. That game will launch in Japan in Summer (winter) this year.

Nintendo sold 13.53 million Nintendo 3DS consoles worldwide in the year ending March 31, 2012 and exceeded the 5 million mark in Japan faster than any other console released in history.

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