Nintendo Announce Larger Nintendo 3DS XL Model (Update)

Nintendo have announced a 4.88 inch Nintendo 3DS screen which will launch in Japan this year.

The console has a 90% larger screen than the current model, and has much rounder edges. Other changes is the bottom screen will be 4.08 inches wide, and the weight of the console grows to 336 grams.

Also of note is the bezel around the screen is the same colour as the main unit – in the example shown, it was white. The current model has a black bezel regardless of the main colour of the body.

Nintendo said in order to keep the cost down, they will not be releasing the console with an AC adapter – users will have to use their existing adapter from the Nintendo DS family of systems, or buy one separately. The battery life will be slightly larger, however, and the SD Card will be upgraded from 2GB to 4GB in the XL model.

We’re expecting to hear about an international release in the coming hours.


Nintendo have confirmed the Nintendo 3DS XL will launch across Europe on July 28.

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  • Jayden Scott Paul Williams

    haters be hated, but I like the look of this

  • Matt Robb

    Personally I don’t think it looks as good as the 3DS but it still looks alright. Hopefully they upgrade the cameras as well, that would be awesome

  • Luke Kyo Reichmuth

    …no dual circle pads? so, i have to wait for nyko to do a proper add-on again?
    feck it.