Nintendo Australia Kicks Off Local Wii U TV Commercials

How will U play next?

Nintendo Australia have kicked off their local television marketing for Wii U, the upcoming high definition video game console.

The local arm, which services Australia, New Zealand and Oceania kicked off their TV marketing on the popular news/light entertainment program ‘The Project’, becoming major sponsors of that show. There are nine commercials in total with different lengths and all display different features of the Wii U console.

For those following the Wii U launch as intimately as Aussie-Gamer, you may notice that a lot of the footage has been shot in the same style at the UK commercial which aired earlier this month though these look a little more polished.

Nintendo appear to be spending more money on getting out the Wii U message to Australians than any other console launch in history. The company recently opened a series of pop-up stores and fixed locations in shopping centres with playable Wii U consoles on display.

Check out all nine commercials in one video below! You can find more more about Wii U on the official Nintendo Australia Website. Wii U launches in our fine country on November 30, 2012.

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