Nintendo Conference to Return in September

Nintendo have announced they will bring back Nintendo Conference, an event first held in September of 2010 to show off the Nintendo 3DS to a then-unsuspecting Japanese crowd.

The surprising aspect of this announcement, if any, is that it will be held before the Tokyo Game Show. The conference will take place on September 13. Nintendo’s absence from the Tokyo Game Show is a tradition that goes back many years so it’s not surprising to also note the Big N will not be showing up there this year either. This was originally due to Nintendo holding their own trade show in September (apparently by co-incidence) called “Space World”.

As for the announcements, there has been speculation that Nintendo will unveil a new 3DS model at the event which will come with a second Circle Pad. This has spawned from the combination of a French tech website and a video game forum (a potent mix for BS). Past September press conferences are generally used to show off new games and share release dates. Specifically, though, Nintendo have said that the conference will focus on the Nintendo 3DS (but we’re sure there’ll be a mention or two of Wii, DS and maybe even next year’s Wii U).

Another rumor says Nintendo will use the date to announce an “extremely big game title” (*cough*monsterhunter*cough*). Whatever the case, it seems Nintendo 3DS is finally back on track. Sales numbers for the 3D console have risen over 4000% since it’s price drop, with a reported 400,000 units sold last week alone.

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