Nintendo Confirms Multiple Controller Support for Nintendo Wii U… Again…

August 11th, 2011 at 2:44 pm

I’m not sure where the confusion came from – or, I should say – I don’t see why there is STILL confusion, but it turns out there are indeed some people out there who either don’t know or wont listen to reason regarding the Nintendo Wii U’s and it’s multiple touchscreen controller inputs.

But now, again, a Nintendo rep has confirmed multiple touchscreen controllers will indeed be possible with Nintendo Wii U. Website ‘Examiner’ talked to Matt Ryan from Nintendo who cleared it up, “”Let me correct something that is a misconception,” Ryan began. “We said that the Wii U system will come with one Wii U controller, but we haven’t said that you can only use one Wii U controller. The fact is that if the developer makes a game or an experience that uses more than one, then anything is possible.”

“What we’ve also talked about is to imagine taking some of the experiences you’ve had at your own home, putting them on your Wii U controller, and taking that with you somewhere else. That would again get rid of that myth and misconception that only one can be used. So, the possibility is there, but the system will only come with one at this point.”

But that only lead to more confusion, apparently. The writer then asked “what do you mean by “taking that with you”?”. Sigh. This meant Ryan had to, again, explain the differences between a portable device and the act of being able to take the controller to your friend’s house.

“Okay, so that I can elaborate on.” he started, probably as annoyed as I am with this whole thing, “The Wii U is not a portable handheld device you’re going to take with you in transit or into a proximity away from the Wii U console, but you can take content from your console, put it on your Wii U controller, take it with you somewhere else, and be able to upload it. That technology is possible.”

I know the E3 unveiling was a little hard to appreciate if you liken any touch screen device to an iPad, but really now – is anyone seriously still confused about this thing? It’s not an iPad. It’s a controller for a HD console. The console has a web browser built in, which you stream to your controller – that doesn’t make it an iPad. The writer goes on to wondering if every game will work like the “Battle Mii” demo shown at E3 this year. Sigh again.

Nintendo are planning to reveal more information on the device next year – presumably in an effort not to confuse these people further.

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