Nintendo Direct Surprise Stream Tomorrow

Don’t let that stink of E3 wash off – it’s not over yet! Nintendo have announced a new “Nintendo Direct” broadcast will kick off tomorrow.

The move is surprising, considering Nintendo have only just finished a whirlwind tour of the press. Even more surprising is Nintendo’s assertion that the Direct stream will be focused on Wii and Nintendo 3DS games. So far, we know of only a couple of Wii games set to be launched this year, the biggest being Dragon Quest X which has already hit Japan and does not have an international release date.

The rest of the year, in terms of home consoles, was reserved for new Wii U games, but it appears that Wii U wont be mentioned on this stream, if the early reports are to be believed.

The show kicks off on Nintendo Japan’s website at 1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, Melbourne, etc). Currently, only a Japanese stream has been confirmed, but history has shown that a US and/or UK stream may come shortly after. We’ll keep an eye out.

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  • Luke Kyo Reichmuth

    …Wii Games? *as luke shat a tear he started running as fast as he can. he just needed to get away from nintendo, thats the only thing that was in his mind*

  • Sikora