Nintendo Discontinues Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS Colour in Japan

When Nintendo first unvield it’s Nintendo 3DS console, it showed off three colours.

The first was red – which was later released as a “Flare Red” alternative. The second was black – which was shiny and slick, just like most black gadgets are today. This flavour hit the market on launch as “Cosmo Black”. Then there was a strange aqua version.

Not quite green, not quite blue, the colour was released at launch as “Aqua Blue”, fittingly. The media was none too impressed in this age of white iMacs, black iPhones and silver iEverythingelses. But what many didn’t actually seem to realise what the colour was actually a little inside joke.

The reason Nintendo showed off the Aqua Blue and Flame Red at the very first showing was because those colours have been used on those cardboard 3D glasses of days gone by. Before the age of modern TV’s, the glasses would force one eye to only see green (or slightly greenish-blue), and the other only see red. Thus, when your brain put the red, blue and green colours together, every colour was visible on the screen, and in 3D to boot.

Ah, those were the days. But nobody seemed to cotton on to Nintendo’s little gaff, and sadly today Nintendo quietly announced the discontinuation of the colour on their Japanese website.

But fear not – no other region has discontinued the colour. In Japan, there are plenty of colours to go around; white, pink, and a darker blue – most of which are available in Australia today. There’s also a very sexy purple colour coming out very shortly – and that’s before we get to the special editions, like the golden Zelda edition, the white Kingdom Hearts edition and all other types of tie-ins we could only dream about in the West.

So, maybe sometime in the future we can say goodbye to Aqua Blue. For now, though, BUY BUY BUY!

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  • Nivlak Bifreið


  • steinhauershawn

    Being replaced by Gamecube Purple.

  • Jpro Walkom

    lol, I never realised they were based off the glasses. lol. I just thought they liked cool colours.

    Sad, I like the Aqua Blue. At least it’s an interesting colour. Whereas Black is just Blaaack. There’s nothing really special about it.

    Anyway i’m going for the Fire Emblem that looks sweet, and it’s got the insignia.