Nintendo Europe and America to Host Nintendo Direct Tonight – Major Announcement Incoming?

It’s rare that Nintendo goes public with information regarding their consoles and game lineups. Usually, such privileges are reserved for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

But tonight Nintendo will be hosting three simultaneous announcements in major territories; Japan, US and for the first time in the ‘Nintendo Direct’ format, Europe will be getting in on the action. Nintendo Direct is a web show hosted by Nintendo bosses Satoru Iwata and Reggie Flis-Aime.

The European version, which can be watched here from 1PM CET (11pm AEDST), will be a subtitled simulcast of the Japanese stream, with a special European message to be broadcast directly after.

Nintendo America’s stream, here, will be hosted by Reggie with region specific information. Australians who can be bothered staying up to see if there’s anything different in the American version can watch the stream from 1AM – two hours after the European stream.

Finally, the Japanese stream will be the first to be shown. Australians on the East Coast can tune in from 10pm. It’ll be all in Japanese, but if you like to be in the know a full hour before the rest of the world, assuming you can peice together the announcements based on Iwata’s facial expressions and the pretty pictures, this could be the stream for you.

We have a funny feeling that Nintendo might talk a little about it’s new console, the Wii U which will be launched later in the year. Although all signs point to a Wii and 3DS exclusive event, it’s rare that the company go to such efforts on a global scale to address it’s customers.

What do you think is going on?

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