Nintendo of Europe will be holding their very own “Nintendo Direct” webcast on Saturday, following today’s Japanese announcement.

The webcast will be used to introduce Nintendo fans information regarding Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii and possible Nintendo Wii U – Nintendo’s new console due out later this year. The announcement of the webcast was sent via Nintendo Letter Box on Nintendo 3DS systems by Nintendo Europe boss Satoru Shibata;

“Hello! I’m Satoru Shibata from Nintendo of Europe,” the message reads. “We’ll present a new Nintendo Direct! on 21st April 1pm CET. Please check [the European] Nintendo [website]. I hope that you’ll enjoy it!! even if my English is not good…”.

I’m sure we will. The webcast will be held on this page at 1pm CET, or 9:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney, etc). If you miss it, fear not! We’ll have a wrap up of all the announcements.


Nintendo Australia have confirmed that while the Nintendo of Europe “Nintendo Direct” webcast will contain localised information for Europe, the Australian Nintendo website will update shortly after the video will Australian and New Zealand specific information.

Most of the announcements and release dates for Europe are usually valid for Australian, but it’s nice that Nintendo Australia care enough to fill in the gaps. You will be able to see all of Nintendo Australia’s information on their website.

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