Nintendo wont be releasing a revised handheld console this, or any other, year if Shigeru Miyamoto is any authority on the matter.

Talking to IGN, Miyamoto said he feels the Nintendo 3DS is perfect in it’s current form and that Nintendo are more likely thinking about a future generation console, rather than revising this one.

The revelation is an embarrassing one for the gaming media, including IGN, who insisted that Nintendo would announce a “Nintendo 3DS XL” version of the console at E3 this year, based on rumours from a Japanese newspaper known to spin lies about NIntendo in the past.

And really, what need for a new console is there at this point? Nintendo 3DS has a 3D screen that doesn’t require glasses, insanely great 3D stereo speakers, montion sensors, a touch screen with stylus for pin-point accuracy (about 100 pixels more accurate than an iPad screen, or something), a great “circle pad” that wont snap in your pocket, enhanced online capabilities including the upcoming ability to download full retail games such as New Super Mario Bros. 2 from the eShop instead of heading to a video game or department store, and – oh yes – a circle pad adapter which, although may not have the aesthetics of an Apple device certainly provides a cheap, effective and comfortable solution to those who want two circle pads.

And anyway, do you really want to upgrade all your stuff every year? Sure, Nintendo 3DS isn’t all that expensive, but Nintendo aren’t Apple – they can run their business just fine without adding a slightly better camera every year, or a slightly larger screen. Sure, the DS had some revisions, but that made the console lighter, cheaper and more accessible. 3DS is already light, cheap and accessible.

I suggest that instead of these gaming news sites complaining about Nintendo failing to live up to a rumour that was clearly fabricated, they actually buy a game or two for the 3DS. The console is, without a doubt, the best handheld console Nintendo have ever released.

Oh, but that would be opinionated of me to say, wouldn’t it?

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Ty Miller

Ty Miller

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  • Luke Kyo Reichmuth

    I was actually waiting for a new version with two circle pads, looking how alot of games support it and work way better with it.

    It would also open up more game-play possibilities.

    • AussieGamer

      I personally think that while it would allow some traditional games to appear on 3DS, the fact that the console only has 1 circle pad is a good thing for developers.

      It’s Nintendo’s way of saying “well, what are you going to do? Are you going to give up, or push yourself into making something unique?”

      I mean, look at Mario 3D Land – this is a perfect example of great design. You never need to think about the camera, and when you do, motion control works just fine. The camera system in 3D Land is subtle, but it’s a HUGE leap in video game design. The camera problem might’ve been solved organically with a second circle pad, but the fact that there wasn’t one there forced the team into developing a game where the camera never becomes a problem.

      So, I think developers should learn from that and push themselves with the tools they have, rather than making more Call of Duty’s because they have found a winning formula.

      • SKY

        Very true, plus the Circle Pad Pro has another set of shoulder pads. They would’ve had to put those on the XL, not great for the form factor.

  • SKY

    Very true.

  • Jack Fetter


    • AussieGamer

      We’re right 99.999999% of the time… 😀