Nintendo 3DS games can now be patched up, thanks to an all new firmware update released worldwide today. The first game to take advantage of the patch will be Mario Kart 7.

The Mario Kat 7 patch is also available after players download the firmware update. To do this, simply head to the eShop and the update will automatically download, provided you’re connected to WiFi.

The Mario Kart 7 update will be downloadable from the eShop under “Mario Kart 7 Update data Version 1.1”.

The update is understandably free, but players will need to download it in order to connect to Mario Kart 7‘s online features. The download will take up 46 blocks on your SD Card, but will fix up the ability to cheat in various levels which has led to millions of players unfairly achieving huge time advantages on some racetracks.

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