Nintendo Reveal Brand New Legendary Pokemon

February 16th, 2012 at 10:32 am

Back in my day, there were 150 Pokemon characters. Then some nerds found a truck next to the ship and suddenly, somehow, Mew was born bringing the total to 151.

Flash forward 90 billion years to today and there are countless Pokemon running around the video game world, and today Nintendo have announced one more. Keldeo is the name, Water/Fighting is the type and according to the Pokemon: Black/White PokeDex, it’s a “Colt Pokemon”, which is probably different to being a “Cult Pokemon”.

A new movie has also been announced, since Keldeo is a legendary Pokemon. It’s first appearance will be in the movie Kyurem Vs The Sacred Swordsman – Keldeo, proving that no matter how much money the Pokemon company make, they still can’t get movie title names right.

There are rumblings that the March edition of CoroCoro Magazine will reveal more about Keldeo and how you can get it inside your Pokeball, but for now, we have the first released image of the little critter below. Keldeo comes in at Number 153 in the Pokemon Black/White PokeDex.

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