Nintendo Sacks European Advertising Firm, Seeks More Competent Agency

Nintendo of Europe has fired its current advertising and PR firm Good Relations and are currently seeking a new firm to help launch their new console, the Wii U.

The idea is to bring a new agency in to give Wii U and Nintendo a fresh look going forward to hopefully stave off the recent round of global bad press (whether that bad press was warranted is a story for another day, or maybe this story if you care to read).

“The year 2012 is a big one for Nintendo and with this in mind we are currently reviewing our PR agency. The first round of this process has already been completed.” a Nintendo spokeswoman told website PR Week.

The hunt for the new agency has already begun with a shortlist being prepared for early August, according to PR Week. The deal with the new company is expected to be worth at the very least AU$500,000.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing some cutting edge, cool ads in the not-too-distant future. Keep your eyes peeled to Aussie-Gamer for more as it develops!

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