Nintendo have posted worldwide console sales numbers today following their full year financial posting.

As of March 31, 2012, Nintendo have sold 17.13 Million Nintendo 3DS consoles alongside 45.42 Million units of software for the console. Total worldwide sales for Nintendo DS, which include all models came in at an astounding 151.52 million units, with 900.31 million units of software sold.

Nintendo Wii’s worldwide lifetime sales came in at 95.85 Million units, with 818.46 Million units of software sold. The current generation has literally slaughtered previous consoles – the GameBoy Advance managed to sell through 81.51 Million consoles and 377.42 Million units, whereas Nintendo GameCube, the predecessor to Wii, sold only 21.74 Million units and 208.57 Million software units.

The top selling games for the three consoles (Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS) were Wii Sports (79.60 Million), Super Mario 3D Land (5.84Million) and New Super Mario Bros (29.09 Million) respectively.

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