Nintendo to Handle European Distribution of Heroes of Ruin (Nintendo 3DS)

April 27th, 2012 at 10:46 am

When Heroes of Ruin launches on Nintendo 3DS across Europe on June 15, Nintendo – not Square Enix – will be at the helm it has been revealed.

The game is developed by n-Space (Geist (GCN), Call of Duty (NDS)) and published by Square Enix (Final Fantasy) exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. By Nintendo taking over the distribution duties, which include marketing, the game can theoretically enjoy a wider and broader release than if Square Enix handled the game themselves.

Heroes of Ruin is a dungeon crawling RPG with drop-in online mulitplayer elements (complete with VOiP), StreetPass support and a wide range of downloadable content on offer. Nintendo will distribute free downloadable levels for the game every day for 12 months after it’s release.

In Heroes of Ruin, your adventure begins in the grand city of Nexus where a fragile peace has been shattered when a curse is placed upon the city’s ruler. Unable to find a cure, a call is sent out across the lands, promising rewards beyond measure to anyone who can find a cure. Choose from one of four unlikely heroes to answer the call and find the cure to save the city.

Heroes of Ruin challenges players to carve their own adventure as a Gunslinger, Alchitect, Vindicator or Savage. Create and customise your character and battle the elements and an array of fearsome and dangerous creatures through an environment with routes that change every time you play.

Choose to form an alliance with other heroes, through four-player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer either locally or online, or go it alone, venturing forth into the wilderness to ultimately do battle with the mysterious force behind the curse.

The game launches across Europe and Australia on June 15. Head here to set an iCal reminder!

  • Source: Press Release

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