Nintendo Unleash Miiverse Social Network for Wii U

Nintendo have revealed a new social network that will work off the broader Nintendo Network for it’s new console, Wii U.

The new service is called “Miiverse” and allows players to send short messages to each other as they play video games on the Wii U. Players can use the Wii U GamePad to send messages to eachother, rate their mood as they’re playing games, and even send hand drawn pictures.

Miiverse is integrated into the Wii U system menu – when you fire up the console, you will see a gathering of Mii’s around floating icons that represent your games. The Mii’s aren’t random; they’re actual player Miis from the internet, localised to your spoken language. You can see what each Mii is talking about and join in on the conversation.

Miiverse can be accessed at any time during gameplay without having to stop playing and will be built into each and every Wii U game title released. Short messages ala Twitter appear on the Wii U GamePad or the TV. Nintendo even showed a demo of a prototype Mario game that uses Miiverse in the game itself – when Mario loses a life for example, messages from other people who died in the same area will briefly appear on screen as the level loads back up.

Since Miiverse is broswer based, it will soon be expanded to other devices such as your PC, Nintendo 3DS and browser-enabled mobile phone and tablets. The cross platform service wont launch with the Wii U, but Nintendo say it will come shortly after.

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  • Smash Bros Gamer

    This is EPIC. Wait, so with the Miiverse being connected to the new Mario game, does this mean that you can play 4 player co-op over the internet? Or is it just the messages? If it’s the former, this could be awesome when used with an MMO. No need for any in-clan chat, just load up the Miiverse in game. Cannot wait for this, it’s gonna be awesome!