Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has confirmed, again, that the Nintendo Wii U will launch in Australia this year’s holiday season.

The Wii U, which sports high definition graphics, a touch screen controller and digital game downloads will also launch in North America, Japan and Europe at the same time. While Iwata did not specify the exact date for the launch, there were hints that it will come sometime after August.

Nintendo will announce the launch date and price of the console at E3 in Los Angeles this June. Launch dates and prices for other regions will be announced at a later date.

Nintendo copped criticism last year after revealing the new console; apparently some analysts and journalists missed the unveil and therefore misinterpreted the information the company announced. This time, Nintendo will host a series of meetings with investors and journalists the week after E3 to make sure everyone has the right information.

Other announcements for Wii U today involved some insight into it’s online offerings. Nintendo will allow gamers a choice to either download Wii U games off the internet, or purchase them in stores. Players can even purchase a download code in game stores that will allow them to go home and download the game straight onto their console.

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