PilotWings Resort Developer David Pollatsek Dead at 38

Monster Games co-founder passed away suddenly

Co-founder of development studio Monster Games and programmer for Nintendo’s PilotWings Resort on Nintendo 3DS David Pollatsek has passed away at the age of 38.

Pollatsek co-founded United States based development studio Monster Games in 1996 which went onto working on Wii titles such as ExciteTruck and ExciteBike: World Rally. The studio was hired as an international partner in the development of PilotWings Resort, a launch title for Nintendo 3DS. One of Pollatsek’s hobbies included flying airplanes.

Earlier Monster Games titles include Viper Racing, NASCAR Heat and Test Drive: Eve of Destruction. Monster Games also developed Excitebike sequel ExciteBots which did not see a local release.

Pollatsek’s death came suddenly from an onset cardiac arrhythmia on December 13 and is survived by his wife Mary, whom he married in August 2012.

A donation fund has been set up in his honor to raise money for a computer science award at Carleton College in his hometown of Minnesota.

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