PlayJam’s Android Powered Video Game Console will Compete with Ouya

The battle of the Androids has begun.

Ouya wont be the only Kickstarted Android console to hit the market this year as PlayJam have announced the GameStick console is in development.

Don’t expect to be hearing too much about it, though — not every new Android console has a CEO on their board that once governed over Which is why PlayJam is asking Kickstarter watchers for a cool $100,000 to get their project off the ground.

The difference between Ouya and PlayJam is that the latter already has their console in closed-beta trials and the team are merely seeking money to polish up and ship out. The $100,000 will kick in the final 10% worth of funding the team needs to get GameStick launched.

At time of posting, however, the Kickstarter page has logged a grand total of $0.

Like Ouya, PlayJam are promising that GameStick will be completely open as they are seeking to emulate the mobile phone platform for TV gaming. Uniquely, however, GameStick is tiny and the team hope that players can take the console with them in their pockets to hook up to any HDMI TV they like. The console will resemble a USB stick and wont be much larger.

Other details include the fact the controller will connect to the GameStick via BlueTooth. Third-party Bluetooth controllers will also work with the device, and the Greenthrottle Games controller has been confirmed to be compatible. The machine will be powered via the HDMI port itself, negating the need for an external power cable.

The team hope to leverage the 700,000 strong games and apps on Android and are claiming they have found over 200 that will “be great to play” on GameStick. PlayJam are also keen to ensure Free-to-Play titles will work on their new console, too.

PlayJam hope to release GameStick as early as August 2013, so long as they get the support from the KickStarter community and raise that extra funding. If you’re feeling generous, you can head over to donate to the cause right here. $25 will get you Founding Status and $69 will get you a discounted console when it launches.

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