PlayStation 4 Controller Has Biometric Sensors

Move over Wii Vitality Sensor, Sony are already on the prowl as a new patent has been uncovered that could give us a glimpse of what to expect in future consoles.

The patent shows a new type of controller that, as Moe would put it, detect how “clammy your hands are” and sends that information to games. The controller would also detect the users’ muscle movement and heart rate.

The patent lists some possible uses, such as in-game weapons becoming less accurate the more stressed the user is, having the user tense up his own muscles to power up in-game character attacks, scaling difficulty based on the players’ stress levels or even changing in-game background music to better compliment the players’ moods.

Of course, patents are a dime-a-dozen and a trip to the local patent office is a little like going to the future as imagined by the art director of the original The Time Machine movie. So it’s unclear when, if ever, this controller will see the light of day.

[via Siliconera]

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