PlayStation Vita Sales hit 2.2 Million Worldwide

Nintendo 3DS Sells 90% More Units

Things aren’t looking so peachy for Sony’s PlayStation Vita with news that the console has only managed to move 2.2 Million units worldwide since its release in December 2011.

In contrast, Nintendo 3DS has managed to sail past the 19 Million sold according to Nintendo’s latest update back in June. Since then, a new model at a cheaper price has been launched; Nintendo 3DS XL.

So, what is Sony doing to revitalise PlayStation Vita sales? They’re certainly not considering lowering the price. Instead, Sony took to Gamescom in Germany this month to show off a handful of new games and game/console bundles that will hit stores in time for Christmas this year.

What’s wrong with PlayStation Vita? Is it not a sexy looking beast? Does it not contain more power than most other modern consoles and handheld devices? Or is the price, which is still set at AU$348 for the WiFi model, simply too high?

Do you have a PlayStation Vita? Tell us your impressions of the console below!

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  • Irvyne

    I don’t know if I represent the general gaming public (and I own just about every machine out there) but the bottom line is, I just don’t want one. I have WAY too many portable devices (iPhone, 3DS, iPad, laptop, etc.) and I already feel like I’m drowning in the things. It’s excessive, and I know it. The thought of adding ANOTHER unnecessary device to my pile (especially since the games selection is bleugh at best) isn’t appealing. Sure, the screen looks amazing, but I just don’t need it. Or want it.

  • Gregory Weagle

    That is up to June 30th, 2012. Vita’s sales are around 2.6/2.7 million according to VGChartz and even some are claiming that it’s being overtracked. Nintendo 3DS is 19.2 million units; and that looks under-tracked to me. Even with launches aligned; Vita is getting outsold by 3DS by almost a million units. It is THAT bad.

    It amazes me that people would claim that mobile devices would destroy Nintendo’s business and yet ignore the disruption of the PC and the fact that most of the damage is being inflicted on Sony. Memo to critics: You were right about the revolution of smart phones; but your targets are still wrong.

    Some will claim they should drop the price. I disagree. They should have never released PS Vita. They tried to win another graphic war in a market that cares even less about horsepower than the mobile market and they are paying the price for it. They could have rode PSP on it’s coat tails and actually made Cross Play more effective. But they didn’t so screw them.

    Remember that Sony lost $5.4 billion last year and even if Playstation division made $300+ million; it makes no difference because the very thing that people praised about Sony (big behemoth company compared to a one focus company like Nintendo) is burning all around them.