PlayStation Vita Sales hit 2.2 Million Worldwide

Nintendo 3DS Sells 90% More Units
August 23rd, 2012 at 8:37 pm

Things aren’t looking so peachy for Sony’s PlayStation Vita with news that the console has only managed to move 2.2 Million units worldwide since its release in December 2011.

In contrast, Nintendo 3DS has managed to sail past the 19 Million sold according to Nintendo’s latest update back in June. Since then, a new model at a cheaper price has been launched; Nintendo 3DS XL.

So, what is Sony doing to revitalise PlayStation Vita sales? They’re certainly not considering lowering the price. Instead, Sony took to Gamescom in Germany this month to show off a handful of new games and game/console bundles that will hit stores in time for Christmas this year.

What’s wrong with PlayStation Vita? Is it not a sexy looking beast? Does it not contain more power than most other modern consoles and handheld devices? Or is the price, which is still set at AU$348 for the WiFi model, simply too high?

Do you have a PlayStation Vita? Tell us your impressions of the console below!

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