PlayStation Vita Sales Take a Tumble, Sony Loses $42 Million

Sony’s quarterly sales report is in, and the electronics giant has seen better days.

In the game department specifically, the company saw a loss of 3.5 Billion Yen (AUD$42.5 Million) which it is blaming on the slow down of PlayStation 3 and PSP sales.

The company said the dwindling sales were slightly offset by the launch of PlayStation Vita – the latest handheld console from Sony – but refused to release specific Vita sales numbers. The Vita sales were put in the same category as PSP, and the company posted 1.4 Million sales combines – down from 1.8 Million PSP sales in the same period (April-June) last year.

Sony also combined the sales of PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 together for the first time – the total coming to a modest 2.8 Million units sold, down from 3.2 Million combined in the same period last year.

Software sales also took a bit of a hit this year. PSP and Vita software sales totaled 5.8 million units, down from 6.6 million PSP games in the year prior. A similar story was told with the home consoles – 20.1 million units of software for PlayStation 2 and 3 compared to 27.6 million the year before.

As a result, Sony have lowered their PlayStation Vita (and PSP) sales predictions – their original plan was to sell 16 million consoles combined. That has now come down to 12 million by the end of the financial year.

The entire company posted a loss of around AUD$296.75 Million for the quarter, the main black holes coming from the ailing TV business and a slow down in mobile phone sales.

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  • Nivlak Bifreið

    If this was the 3DS sales, it whold be reported everywhere (DOOOOM), but it’s the Vita and even IGN hasn’t reported it :(

  • Gregory Weagle

    Meanwhile; Nintendo 3DS is profitable now, their software sales are more reasonable now (although still selling at an unacceptable rate) and Nintendo isn’t cutting their forecasts on 3DS or any other product for that matter. Sony no longer has a lot of confidence in Vita; otherwise, they wouldn’t cut back on forecasts. Although there isn’t much confidence in Vita to begin with since they keep blending Vita’s sales/shipments in with PSP. More evidence that Vita is the worst crap I have ever seen.

    And when is Sony going to make annual profits again? Nintendo seems more likely and more prepared to do so than Sony is right now. Hmmmm…