PlayStation Vita Sells Less than 20,000 Units Last Week

Sony’s new Swiss Army-handheld is seeing hard times in Japan, selling less than 20,000 units last week, cementing the downward trend seen since the Vita’s launch a month ago.

Total sales in Japan – the only country on Earth the console has been released – for last week were 18,386 according to data gathering firm Media Create in Japan. To be fair, it was a pretty average week for game console sales in total, the number one spot went to Nintendo 3DS who sold over 100,000 units – around half as many as the week prior.

Interestingly, the data shows that Japanese gamers are flocking to the PSP – the console Vita was designed to replace. It’s sales were double that of Vita’s, but this is probably spurred on by cheaper prices and bulk stock throughout the country.

Japan’s lastweek hardware sales looks like this;

  1. 3DS: 100,668
  2. PS3: 30,332
  3. PSP: 22,538
  4. PSV: 18,361
  5. Wii: 14,179
  6. DSi LL: 1,515
  7. X360: 1,519
  8. DSi: 1,206
  9. PS2: 766

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