Aussie-Gamer also had the chance to play “Hunters Mode” — Luigi’s Mansion 2‘s multiplayer mode.

Hunter Mode plays as a co-op experience, where up to four differently coloured Luigis work together to bust all of the ghosts in all of the rooms in the level. Every time the team is successful, they are transported to the next floor up, with a boss battle coming after 5, 10, 25 and 50 floors.

While everyone must work together to ensure that they clear the floor in the given time limit, there is also a competitive aspect to Hunters mode. Each player competes to see who can suck up the most ghosts, as this will affect their overall rank at the end of the game.


Additionally, when all the ghosts in the level have been successfully dispatched, a number of red coins appear throughout the floor. A short time limit is given to collect them all, and the more red coins a player can get increases their chance of getting a bonus item to aide them on the next floor. Examples of bonuses include being able to see all the invisible items without the use of the Dark Torch, as well as having double the sucking power.

The mode is a blast to play, with everyone communicating to take down larger ghosts together, only to turn on eachother when the chance of a bonus appears. The pacing can get very frantic very quickly. Anybody who enjoyed playing The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords will know what to expect, and will more than likely enjoy Luigi’s Mansion 2‘s Hunters Mode just as much.


Nintendo have also promised us that multiplayer includes Download Play, meaning that enjoying this game with your friends only requires one cartridge. While we don’t know specifics, we were told that Download Play won’t feature everything that multi-cart play has, though it will be reasonably fleshed out and just as enjoyable.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 hits Australian and New Zealand stores March 28, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

This article was written in collaboration between Jayden Williams and Brad Long

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