PSP Games to Get New Lease on Life

Sony have unveiled a plan to port PSP games over to the PlayStation 3, adding graphical improvements and, in some cases, other enhancements.

The project is called “PlayStation Portable Remaster” and, as the name suggests, will remaster PSP games with improvements such as HD visuals, 3D content and exclusive new content. Players will also be able to play the new PS3 versions online with PSP version owners in compatible titles.

Players will even be able to play the PS3 versions on their PSP in a baffling case of “buy the same game twice for no apparent reason”. That aside, the plan is to kick off the title remastering with “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd” (also known as ‘the biggest game in the history of Japan’).

A timeframe for release was not mentioned, but we would expect more information (including other titles) to be revealed at E3 in June.

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