A report from an international website, translated by a bunch of gamers and originated from an anonymous source has surfaced that would have Nintendo release a new 3DS model next year with some hardware changes.

According to the report, the new 3DS will be rebranded to something different and will sport a second analogue circle pad. For current owners, a device will be released that will clip onto the 3DS to include this feature. Other changes cited by the report are less emphasis on the console’s unique glasses-free 3D aspect.

The report also suggests that this new model 3DS is the real reason behind Nintendo’s decision to slash the price of the current model by over $100 in some regions, suggesting that Nintendo are trying to clear stock to make way. Also accused was the Nintendo 3DS development kits are apparently hard to come by, and cost developers lots of money. This is in stark contrast to some publisher’s testimonies that 3DS development doesn’t cost substantially more than Nintendo DS development.

Of course, there’s an extremely real possibility that this report is complete nonsense. And that’s pretty much the direction we’re leaning. But we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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