Report: New Nintendo 3DS Model in the Works

A report from an international website, translated by a bunch of gamers and originated from an anonymous source has surfaced that would have Nintendo release a new 3DS model next year with some hardware changes.

According to the report, the new 3DS will be rebranded to something different and will sport a second analogue circle pad. For current owners, a device will be released that will clip onto the 3DS to include this feature. Other changes cited by the report are less emphasis on the console’s unique glasses-free 3D aspect.

The report also suggests that this new model 3DS is the real reason behind Nintendo’s decision to slash the price of the current model by over $100 in some regions, suggesting that Nintendo are trying to clear stock to make way. Also accused was the Nintendo 3DS development kits are apparently hard to come by, and cost developers lots of money. This is in stark contrast to some publisher’s testimonies that 3DS development doesn’t cost substantially more than Nintendo DS development.

Of course, there’s an extremely real possibility that this report is complete nonsense. And that’s pretty much the direction we’re leaning. But we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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[via NeoGaf]

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  • TotallyNotGerpy

    Riz is sending a bunch of us to tell you “who cares”. He doesn’t have the balls to do it himself.



  • Riz

    Yes, thanks for outing me 3D. You Douche. And yes, who does care tbh. The 3DS Sales were great, but there is still nothing on this system that will get people to buy it. I mean big f’n whoop, we get 20 Free Games to make up for the $100 we got ripped off. I guaruntee you this system will not last much longer the way it’s going. If they are already trying to make a new model of it, it only means that they are trying to dress to impress again, and it’s just failing. Just please, stop already. it’s not going anywhere. Release your 1st part games Nintendo and it get it over and done with. Move onto the WiiU whcih im sure will be an ok system for the time being, only that theyre finally stepping up their game and moving into the next generation… only that theyre still a generation behind everyone else cos of their “Casual Gaming” Nonsensical Bullshit excuse. just hurry up already.

  • Riz

    oh and apparently that was He11sing920. Not 3D.

    • Hellsing920

      Yeah, it was me.

      Next time, don’t ask us to come and comment on this shit hole website. If you hate it so much, then post your own comments, asshole.

  • Daran Smith

    Exactly, or post one of his videos on our youtube page that NO ONE would see until it was approved. If you have a problem with the site, say so, do not just pretend like you have no clue whats happening, i hate being fooled when i talk to you on skype time and again, really splits my trust down the middle.

    I still consider you a friend, but if this is how you always act with every site you leave, its just leaving me shake my head.

  • Rising-Soul

    If this console had nothing that makes people want to buy it, why are the sales great?

    Also those 20 games would be well worth over $100, I am quite happy and content on getting these free (sort of) games, if I didn’t have a 3DS, I would have gotten one just for the free games.

  • Yoshi

    I don’t believe that the price was slashed to make way for a new model, but perhaps the 3DS being rebranded is true. I also think that saying Nintendo is working on a new model is just stating the obvious. They would obviously have been researching ways of making it cheaper and more appealing since the day or even before this model was released.

  • Daran Smith

    Yeah, people forget, Nintendo only has consoles to fall back on, Sony and Microsoft can gamble on video games as they have other things to fall back on.

  • Daran Smith

    Yeah, people forget that Nintendo only have consoles to fall back on, Sony and Microsoft can gamble on video games as they have other things to fall back on. The sales will rocket come around November anyway.

  • Dave

    Riz, if you were Nintendo and that “Casual Gaming Nonsensical Bullshit” was making you a shitload of money, would you stop? Would you just halt everything to do with the Wii and release a HD console just to be like your competitors? No. You’d want to keep making money while still keeping your fans happy with Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc releases to ensure they’ll buy future consoles you bring out.

    You’re an idiot if you believe Nintendo would bring out a new model before the 3DS turns a year old. Just because they’re working on one doesn’t mean it’s coming in the next few months. Sure, they’re “dressing to impress” again. Every fucking company does it. Who cares, Riz? Who cares.

    • Rising-Soul

      I like the way you said it better than the way I did.

      It’ll probably come out in a year or two like the DSlite did.