Rumour: Heroes of Ruin Developer Working on Retro’s New Wii U Game? (Update)

June 28th, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Could the Lead Designer of Nintendo 3DS’ Heroes of Ruin be working on that mysterious Retro Studios new Nintendo Wii U title?

That’s the conclusion Aussie-Gamer has jumped to based on some internet sleuthing. We recently noticed that Orlando, Florida-based Brandon McLeod, Lead Designer at n-Space (which is also located in Orlando) who’s latest work earned a perfect review score had relocated to Austin, Texas.

This lead us to wonder what could possibly be in Austin (apart from some mean steak houses) to lure the developer. And it dawned on us: Retro Studios.

Retro Studios have been recruiting developers for a while now. Comments from the studio in the past have suggested that the studio is working on something everyone wants them to make, and Brandon McLoud’s surname is almost the same as Fox McCloud’s!

Oh my.

So, we reached out to McLoud on Twitter, knowing he wouldn’t be very likely to shout any announcements from the rooftops. Our cryptic question and his equally cryptic answer follows;

Aussie-Gamer: “…would it be safe to assume your next game will be something a little more “Retro”?”

Brandon McLoud: “Haha, sorry, no comment!”

Well, there you go. Confirmed!

Of course we’re just having a little fun with this and respect the “no comment” comment – so don’t go spamming the guy with questions.

But we’re kind of hoping there’s some method to our mad assumptions here – Heroes of Ruin is extremely top notch and if the skills used to make that game were infused into development of anything that Retro is working on – boy, there’s some awesome times ahead to be had for sure.

Looks like we may just have to wait and see!

Of course, McLoud is also the Senior Designer at KinsIsle – which is a development studio also based in Austin. So… maybe this is all just wishful thinking after all.


Turns out, we were too cryptic with our question for our own good. Mr. McLoud confirmed to us that he does not work at or for Retro Studios.

He is, however, still working on the unannounced game title at KingsIsle, which is based in Austin.

So we let Rumour Thursday get to our heads a little and apologise for the run around to everyone who was put out!

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