Rumour: Nintendo Wii Price Drop on the Way?

The rumour mill has been turning again, and this time sights are squarely focused on Nintendo’s little white box. According to various (albiet unidentified) sources, Nintendo are gearing up to drop the price of their console.

It’s no secret that the Nintendo Wii has slowed down in sales lately; more prominently since the Xbox 360′s price point matched the Wii’s – in the US at least. Even in Australia, the Wii is close to the price of the Nintendo 3DS, but before we get into that debate; where did the rumour come from and is it possibly true?

This one started on Engadget who citied a “trusted source” but did not elaborate. The website claimed that the price will be slashed by $50 by May 15.

The rumour is somewhat timely. Nintendo have a less than stunning lineup of games for the Wii over the next few months, without a Zelda or Mario in sight. HD is not as expensive or inaccessible as it once was, and there have even been rumors of a new console from Nintendo this year.

Perhaps if Nintendo are to move the remaining Wii stock, a price drop may go a long way. Nintendo have not commented on the rumor.

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