Shovel Knight Fully Funded; Heading to Wii U, 3DS & PC Late 2013

Stretch goals added to further entice your money from your wallet

8-bit inspired game Shovel Knight is happening, thanks to the game’s Kickstarter page hitting its $75,000 goal with 2 weeks left to go.

Yesterday we wrote the game, the debut release for US based Yacht Club Games, was nearing its goal which overnight appears to go up and beyond, with the total now sitting at a smidgen over $76,000 (and rising).

This means Shovel Knight will see a definite release later this year for PC, as well as Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. For anyone who has pledged $15 or more they’ll receive a download code of their choice for any one of these three platforms.

But, it’s not over. Before the goal was even met Yacht Club Games updated the Kickstarter page with stretch goals – additions development teams would add to the game if they receive a certain amount over.

These include in-game achievements, new game+, a gender swap mode, a Mac/Linux version and a 4-player battle mode. So click on through and get pledging! A new game+ would be perfect for this title.

In the most recent update on the page announcing the game’s fully funded status, Yacht Club Games teased a big “excitement tomorrow”. Will they reveal new boss characters? A release date? A trusty steed for Shovel Knight?

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    Love for the Wii U!