Toys for Bob, the team being Skylanders and upcoming Skylanders: Giants is looking at the Nintendo Wii U’s built in NFC technology to potentially power future titles.

Speaking with Joystiq, CEO Raul Reiche III confirmed that the studio are “looking at” the Wii U and it’s Near Field Communication tech that works, in basic terms, similar to the way the collectable figures of the Skylanders game’s RFID tech works. Having this technology built into the console will mean more studios can adopt similar marketing techniques as Toys for Bob, who are attending this week’s Toy Fair 2012 in the US.

“All of the details about the NFC technology haven’t been released to the public yet, and it’s really interesting,” he told the website, refusing to elaborate any further on how much time the studio has had with the Wii U console.

The Wii U, Nintendo’s new console with High Definition graphics and a brand new touchscreen controller, will launch towards the end of 2012. Nintendo will reveal worldwide release dates and prices at E3 this June.

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