Sony Denies PlayStation Vita Bugs, “We Didn’t Apologise”

Sony have said they did not apologise for the widespread disappointment with the PlayStation Vita’s performance after Twitter in Japan went psycho on reports that the console was plauged by buggy software.

According to Sony, they have no evidence of widespread bugs and say the reports that the company apologised were untrue.

“The PS Vita has had a terrific launch and sold in large numbers,” said David Wilson, head of UK PR at Sony Computer Entertainment, in an interview with The Guardian. “We’re annoyed with these stories, because we can’t find any evidence of widespread glitches.”

“The stories even said that Sony has issued an apology for PS Vita glitches, which simply isn’t true – there’s an apology on our Japanese website for people who are having trouble getting through to our technical help line, but that’s it.

Wilson did not comment on the fact that the PlayStation Vita received a software update shortly after release which fixed up a lot of the owner’s complaints. Meanwhile, videos showing the PlayStation Vita freezing up and not working are still popping up on YouTube, one of the latest (below) shows a unit that shipped in some kind of debug mode and could not be reset to normal operation.

Sony are however happy with the Vita’s launch. In the first two days on sale, the console moved 320,000 units in Japan falling short of Nintendo 3DS’ 371,000 and Sony’s expected 500,000. The Vita launches in Australia in February.

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