Sony PlayStation 4 Console Giveaway! Enter Now!

The next big giveaway is here!

We’re giving away a brand new Sony PlayStation 4 Console this year to one of our lucky readers!

Entering the draw is extremely easy, and you could be one of the first people on the planet to own Sony’s next-generation console!

Entering could not be easier – basically, all you need to do is “Like” the Facebook Page. Not only will you be automatically entered into the draw to take away the PlayStation 4 console, but you will get all the latest video game news updates straight to your Facebook wall.

Following us on Twitter will also gain you an entry, so double up and get two entires right now by doing both!

Aussie-Gamer will announce the winner, who will be randomly selected from the list of entrants, four weeks prior to the release date of the console giving us enough time to arrange shipping details with you.

Win a PlayStation 4

How it works

Since we’re launching this give away before the console is available to buy, there’s a few things you may want to be aware of;

  • The ‘winner’ will be drawn randomly four weeks before the console’s release date and will be announced on Should the release date be on the day the release date is announced, the winner will be drawn on that date.
  • ‘Winner’ will have two weeks to get in touch with us with their mailing details or the prize will be forfeit
  • The giveaway will be basic version of the console.
  • International readers are encouraged to enter, however please be aware the console is the Australian version and, in some cases, you may be asked to pay for postage. There will also be a delay on delivery on overseas locations, so it’s unlikely you will receive the console on launch day. If you’re overseas and will not pay for postage, the console will be given away to another selected entrant at our discretion.
  • Essentially, the console will be ‘pre-ordered’ from a retailer of our choice with the ‘winner’s’ address as the postage address (except in the case that an international entrant is selected). Since the retailer will be sending it out, we will not be liable for postage issues.
  • Winner will have to provide their postage address for delivery of the console.
  • To be in the running, entrants must has the Facebook page “liked” or the Twitter Page “followed” before the cut off date and at the time of announcement. If you “unlike” or “unfollow” the page before the draw, you forfeit your entry until you “like” or “follow” it again. This means anyone who is not on the “like” list at the time of the draw will not be in the running.
  • Entrants must be over the age of 13 to enter. Those younger than 16 must have parents permission.
  • We reserve the right to change or update these terms at any time without notice.
  • Note: To help get the word out, this competition has been featured on!

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  • Tynan Muddle

    So much awesome, so very little time :)

    • Jayden Williams

      And even less money!

      • Tynan Muddle

        Money can’t buy you happiness…

        It can, however, buy you a PlayStation 4 :)

        • supersmashbros

          I have heard that the ps4 was going to be a power beast but i just bought the wii u and i have heard the ps4 is more powerful. I wonder what it will cost in the long run.

      • supersmashbros

        Nice contest. I went and joined

  • Huzaifa Khan

    pick me

  • Kayleen Stevens

    wow awesome my 3 teens would love it, our PS3 60 gig is not working :( just wondering do the PS4 play all games like the 60gig PS3 ??? or just PS4 games

    • Adnan Ilyas

      just ps4 games

  • Connor Stevens

    Good luck to you all

  • Tye Aisbett

    This is going to be awesome! Whoever wins it is going to be fairly pumped! It’s shaping up to kick arse from everything I’ve been reading about it!

  • Narelle Rock

    great comp, follow and like, thanks!

  • sharyn

    wow thank you xx fingers and toes crossed xx

  • Fayzeedayzee


  • A true gamer

    Ive entered But seen nothing that show i need to get one..The looks of the games still look as good as ps3 and 500 to 600 does not help

    • Lewis3124

      its looks awsome and that more things that are possible is just amazing hopefully i get one.

  • Sue Ymer

    Just awesome I’d be the best Mum ever to win this for my family

  • Praveen S. Kumar


  • Only a few are true gamers

    Ive had a change of heart and will be buying a ps4 Due to games like elder scrolls online

  • Amber Boyce

    Awesome giveaway – I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Following on Facebook.

  • Jared Z

    I guess AUS only :(

  • Jared Z

    Wouldn’t mind paying international shipping….. AUS PS4 woudl still play US games……..rigth?

  • Jackie

    Thank you so much, I couldn’t be more excited! Liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter for sure! 😀

  • Leeroy

    Sure suck that I don’t have Facebook and tweeter.:/

  • Rosalind Harris

    *stares intently at contest* Release date announced today! : D You know you want to make me joining Twitter worth my while. ;D

  • Jeff Burgess

    What day is the draw for this?

  • Daldrakar

    Fingers crossed. Couldn’t afford pre ordering it.

  • Jaye Gober

    I hope to be a lucky winner