Word has spread that Sony will be announcing two new games for either PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita next month at Gamescon in Germany.

Yesterday we reported that Ubisoft will be showing off their upcoming Wii U titles, including ZombiU and Rayman Legends, at the same event

PSU (PlayStation Universe) cite that they’ve confirmed one game will be from a Japanese based studio whereas the second is allegedly a new PlayStation Move IP.

Rumours earlier this week suggest Gran Turismo 6 may be in development, and with Polyphony Digital (a Japanese based first party studio for Sony) having handled all other Grand Turismo games, it’s possible this may be the mystery game from a  “Japanese based studio”.

One thing is certain, we’ll see two new PlayStation related games announced next month in Germany, it’s just a matter of what they’ll be.

We’ll provide more information on these mystery games as soon as they’re announced.

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