Sony Set to Announce Two New Games at Gamescon Next Month

Word has spread that Sony will be announcing two new games for either PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita next month at Gamescon in Germany.

Yesterday we reported that Ubisoft will be showing off their upcoming Wii U titles, including ZombiU and Rayman Legends, at the same event

PSU (PlayStation Universe) cite that they’ve confirmed one game will be from a Japanese based studio whereas the second is allegedly a new PlayStation Move IP.

Rumours earlier this week suggest Gran Turismo 6 may be in development, and with Polyphony Digital (a Japanese based first party studio for Sony) having handled all other Grand Turismo games, it’s possible this may be the mystery¬†game from a¬† “Japanese based studio”.

One thing is certain, we’ll see two new PlayStation related games announced next month in Germany, it’s just a matter of what they’ll be.

We’ll provide more information on these mystery games as soon as they’re announced.

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