Sony Unleashes Three New Apps for PlayStation Vita

Sony have announced three new applications for the PlayStation Vita, the first of which is due out this Friday.

The first is Paint Park – a painting application that allows users to use the Vita’s touchscreen to create various drawings. Users can take photos with either of the Vita’s cameras and doodle over them as they wish. The application also has an online multiplayer mode, allowing players to “compete” (somehow) with their friends.

Later in the year, Sony will release Treasure Park which allows players to create their own puzzles and share them with their friends. This application uses Vita’s “Near” feature to locate nearby puzzles.

Wake-up Club will also be released later in the year which is essentially an alarm clock that allows players to sync their alarms with their friends, so that everyone will wake up at exactly the same time.

All applications are free, and the first will hit Australian consoles by Friday.

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