Square Enix Promises Photorealism for Next Generation of Games

Square Enix, the guys behind the extremely popular Final Fantasy series, have unveiled a brand new video game graphics engine that is capable of photorealistic graphics in new games.

The Luminous Engine is an incredible new technology that allows developers to create ultra-realistic games. Designed for the next generation of consoles, the engine was first announced in August, but we’re getting a first look just now.

The engine has been designed using native DirectX 11 support, includes cloth and fluid simulation, realtime reflections and “highly effect tessellation techniques” that can produce real world 3D imaging. Animation is also helped with “procedural techniques” which is basically a database of motion captured animations which can adapt as needed.

Square also says that development cost with this new engine can be cut by up to 30-percent and can lead to faster development cycles.

The technology is still a while off from being released to the public, but the tech demo video gives us an interesting glimpse into what will be possible with the future generation of consoles.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001308528714 Oliver Smith

    Good bye PC gaming hello console gaming…This will kill the PC platform. Though most PC games these days are moving in the opposite direction with games like minecraft. They aren’t really pushing the hardware at all.