Still No Release Date for Skyrim: Dawnguard for PC, PS3

Developer Bethesda says there are no plans to release the latest DLC for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PlayStation 3 or PC.

Via a post on his Twitter page, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing at Bethesda, Pete Hines, cites there is no current plans to release Skyrim: Dawnguard on PlayStation 3 or PC;

“We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I’d tell you”.

While Xbox 360 users have been enjoying the spoils of the first Skyrim expansion, PC and PlayStation 3 gamers have been left out in the cold.

Since Dawnguard was released in early June Bethesda have been closed lipped on the expansions PlayStation 3 and PC release, and given Hines’ tweet fans will need to wait just a little longer.

We’ll keep an eye out and let you guys know when to expect it

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  • Kronos

    go figure, its oblivion all over again. Xbox gets dlc and they show no plans on release it for pc and ps3. like oblivion the ps3 only got 1 dlc and the expansion while xbox got it all along with the pc. This is bogus on so many levels

  • Adam

    What a f’n joke! Bethesda are a bunch of A-holes. What a way to get your fans hopes up.

  • radak23

    This is the final straw for me with skyrim i love the game but after putting up with so many bugs and glitches in the game and now pc and ps3 users just get thrown away to the side for a major update like this ive had enough they cant even tell us a release date yet let alone when we are getting it bye bye skyrim im done.

    • awefawfw

      I know you said you’re done with it but there is a way to remove the glitches (like the water-freeze glitch) Its been out a while as a youtube video. The video title is “Skyrim update 1.5 ps3 how to fix water freeze bug”. I noticed once I did this it removed other glitches and freezes my game had with other things (like bind sword if you’re in 3rd person). Hope this helps.

  • Bethesda-for-the-lose

    Bethesda should run for a political office at this rate seeing how its so willing to be paid off to neglect a substantial portion of its previous supporters. Sewing seeds of discontent is never a wise long term business strategy; long term they will feel some pain.

  • Woody Brown

    i was so excited for dawnguard when it was announced… but now im just so pissed off they didnt give two weiner sh!ts about pc or ps3 which is f’n HORSE SH!T. wait to go bethASSda

  • Thisisworsttanstarcrafttwo

    You are kidding me……..Bethesda wtf! Is is because the ps3 is a shiny shade of black? Or did X-box really pay you THAT much? If its ready for X-box, then it is ready for PC and playstation, stop blue balling us with your bribe driven greed. This game is about the players and the players are those of us who pay for it, it was never made for microsoft’s enjoyment, so why do they get to pay to have it? Sure they payed you guys to get it a little sooner than any other console….GREED…..but now, today being the release date suspected for PS3 we have nothing to DL from the playstation store. We were told that microsoft gets DG 1 month before the other platforms. Here it is 1 month later and you guys do not even have a date to give us. 1 week Bethesda. 1 week to look over yourselves and realize how bad this is making you look, then release it. Otherwise you can count one less subscription to Elder scrolls online, and more than likely several more after myself.

    • Gis4Gamer

      Bethesda has released patch 1.7 but PS3 takes a week or two to look over it before releasing it so Bethesda has to wait to release Dawnguard because the game needs to have patch 1.7 to play. So blame PS3 for taking so long to release the patch.

  • Treymel Quinn

    (400+ hrs of Gameplay) I have played So much of Bethesda’s work and i was so ready for Dawnstar, but this is just wrong. Years as a loyal customer, and i get ignored.

    • Treymel Quinn


  • bethesda failed

    bethesda must of got sucked of by micosoft or something because there loseing lots of customers

  • Zavad Crenshaw

    i hope the money xbox gave you is better then the millions you could get from ps3 and pc your losing alot of fans

  • Trollvahkiin

    So one month earlier, on June 26th, Bethesda released Dawnguard for ONLY Xbox 360. After wondering “what the hell” and looking for answers, we learned Microsoft paid Bethesda to make Dawnguard an Xbox exclusive for 30 days. Now, one painstaking month later, there is sign of Dawnguard on PSN or Steam. Now we’re all wondering “what the hell” again. You know what they have been doing for 30 days. They have been on one giant company circle jerk. Getting off at the thought of their success, cleaning themselves with their Benjamins from Microsoft, then going at it again until, 30 days later, they all realise they forgot something, the majority of us Dovahkiin on PS3 and PC. And then they all just say forget it and keep going at it. And a word of advice, Bethesda; DON’T SCREW US OVER LIKE THIS ON FALLOUT 4!!!!

    • Trollvahkiin

      *no sign*

    • Gis4Gamer

      They were fixing bugs in the dlc Dawnguard so we can have the most fun with it. they have already released the patch but the PS3 has to take a week or two to look over it. So Bethesda can’t release Dawnguard until PS3 releases the 1.7 patch.

    • Luke Kyo Reichmuth

      Actually, Skyrim’s sales on the 360 Outmatch the sales on PS3 & PC Combined.

  • Paul

    While I’m not particularly surprised that there’s some delay with the release on the PC – patch 1.7 only just going beta after all, not to mention Beth usually being pretty vocal with their release dates yet being conspicuously silent about this one – I AM surprised that they don’t have any more updates beyond “It’s not ready yet, folks. Sit tight” by now. Ah well, if I can play a version with less bugs than the 360 version started out with, I’ll be happy.

  • Marek

    “We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a
    timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I’d tell you”.

    Which point of that sentence according to you says “we are not planning to release”?
    We have not announced and we are not planning to realease are not the same thing.
    Read more carefully.

    • TrapCard

      “We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform”
      that pretty much tells you they might not be planning to release it,

  • YungC

    They could have at least informed us as to why there’s still no release date for PC & PS3. Even something as simple as, “there are still some kinks that we need to iron out” would have been nice. Instead, because they haven’t really said anything, they just seem like a bunch of pricks.

  • i dunno

    oh shut up saying that you all are giving up on skyrim that’s just talk you’re gunna jump on dawn guard and any future bethesda games right when they are released

  • kalido

    Man Bethesda way to go…by the way slightly off topic but has anyone noticed “Eldar Scrolls V: Sykrim” lol

    • AussieGamer

      Haha whoops…

      Maybe they’re Elvish scrolls……. 😀

  • B.S.026

    this is just plane bullshit i just got on steam to buy dawnguard was going to make a night of it! thanks a hell of a lot bathesda! ya’ll make some of the best games ive ever played i don’t get why you wouldn’t want to share it with everyone…

  • Mayo12376

    They said thirty fucking days later it will come out and yet there planning a fucking release data good job Bethesda

  • forgettingusagain

    why must xbox have this at all.all summer i have been waiting and all other players that been waiting for dawnguard for ps3 and pc.i have been getting that are people all around that have skyrim FOR XBOX saying o my god im glad im not waiting for dawnguard like ps3 and pc.another says awww thats too bad its an amazing dlc.ps3 and pc should get a chance at getting dlcs.first xbox is forcing bethesda with all the greed that xbox is giving them.then i hear that people are saying that bethesda is making another dlc for skyrim all ready.i am certain that none of the ps3 or pc fans of skyrim wont buy it.or maybe they wont even buy any bethesda products because it will happen the same way that is happening with skyrim.think about this bethesda when you release another game like another fallout or another elder scrolls think about the other 2 gaming systems that you never gave them dawnguard skyrim.

  • fuzzlybundle

    I think bethesda is gay cuz of all this i woke today thinking im getting dawnguard and now im not.If i could i would pull the dlc right out of bethesda’s butt hole.And i really hope that they lose more money than they gain cuz they are gay.

  • cjean

    what a great idea. let all us pc/ps3 users die of thirst for the next installment of skyrim. and you know what most of us are doing in our anticipation? watching the xbox 360 videos on youtube. so now that its ruined for most of us, i don’t see myself buying it. i know the playthrough by heart. did they really think we wouldnt watch the videos online??? pffft…. your one month+ wait has just flustered me into ruining it for myself…thanks to your BS of letting xbox users get in before the rest of us. thanx….idiots.

  • Switchingtoguildswarsnextmonth

    f*ck that this is bullshit Bethesda a month later and we still have no dawngaurd dlc.I know it like the back of my hand honestly, like we won’t look at walkthrough’s for it you have a week to provide me with dawngaurd dlc. If not i’ll never buy your fcking products again, and you leave ps3 users with glitches and lags that can last a life time. Everybody with a pc and ps3 fck them don’t buy elder scrolls online or their next product if we don’t get dawngaurd soon. I’m really disappointed in this they should know from their mistake with oblivion giving xbox 360 the wizard tower and etc and leaving pc and ps3 in the cold just cause we don’t pay.

  • Sabre Blade

    Well, technically, Hines is correct. According to the above article, they haven’t announced that they would release the DLC for PS3/PC (Unless I’m mistaken). Although “thirty-day exclusive” would mean that it’s exclusive to Xbox for only thirty days, it doesn’t necessarily have to. Bethesda didn’t let anyone down, everyone else just got their hopes up for a nonexistent release (Nonexistent until later, that is).

    Here’s a similar metaphorical situation. Dave, James, and Neville are 3 hobos. Bill, a business man, parks his car and Neville whips out a towel and scrubs the windscreen. Bill hands over $10, while Dave and James mutter in anger that the man didn’t give them money as well. Bill walks away, noticing the reactions from Dave and James, and if his business goes well he plans to give them $10 each when he comes back. Dave and James don’t know this yet, so they continue to scowl at Neville, who is now happily spending his new money on some alcohol.

    Unrealistic fictional situation aside, as you can see, Dave and James are Sony/PC companies, and Neville is Microsoft. Microsoft gave a little extra, and so they got the DLC while Sony/PC companies who didn’t provide anything got nothing. Bethesda might release the DLC on PS3/PC, but since we don’t know what Bethesda is currently doing, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Besides, Bethesda could have a reason for this. Bug troubles, console
    conversion issues, Microsoft bribes (that’s a joke, in case you didn’t
    get that). Bethesda is not like Treyarch/Activision. They aren’t going to release DLC like tiny bullets from a minigun. It’s going to hit like an RPG, and if it takes a little longer to mix the gunpowder and steady the launch, it’s going to be worth it.

  • OverkillMaximus

    There is an update ( 1.7 ) that is required before the DLC can be downloaded. So the latest is sony has the update and is reviewing it to make sure it passes their system requirements. That will take 1 to 2 weeks. Then the DLC will be offered. Microsoft had a written agreement that they would get the DLC for 30 days before other systems. But Sony has to ok the update then ok the DLC. Dawnguard is coming to PS3 and PC. There is no way Bethesda, or any other gaming company, would exclude PC and PS3 from a DLC on a game that is offered to all the major systems. That would be major profit lost and this is about money! Bethesda is not commenting because it is waiting for the sony to say that the update is good to go. Soon as that happens you will see posts about release date. Till then I am still enjoying the game…over 300 hours with the same character and I still haven’t found or done all the quests and side quests.