Target Botches PlayStation 4 Launch, Calls Customers to Cancel Pre-Orders (Updated!)

Retailer screws up simple pre-order process

Did you pre-order a PlayStation 4 at Target? Bad news — you’re not picking it up tonight.

That’s the message customers are getting as stores have been calling Australian pre-orderers to cancel their hopes of picking up the anticipated consoles at launch.

“There was a problem with the order,” a staff from Target told one of the Aussie-Gamer crew who had pre-ordered their console from a Sydney store on September 14.

“You will get it between December 16 and December 23. For any inconvenience, we’re going to give you a free game. You can pick them up between December 16th and 23rd.”

The exact details on the game were unknown, and further details on why the console was delayed were unknown to the staff member. This story follows an earlier story that some customers who had pre-ordered their PlayStation 4 at target were receiving letters in the mail telling them their console was originally intended to ship sometime in January but has been brought forward to ‘before Christmas’.

We asked if there were any PlayStation 4′s available in the store at all, the staff member replied with “I don’t know, I’ve just been instructed to call you and tell you about your order”.

Daniel Ellis from Target Australia contacted Aussie-Gamer and explained that customers who pre-ordered the console after September 17 were facing delays.

“Target is managing the pre-order process for the PS4 in two stages,” Ellis told us.

“The first stage is for customers who pre-ordered the PS4 early which was before September 17. These customers will receive the console on the November 29 release date.”

Now it seems customers who pre-ordered prior to September 17 are also in that category. After running our original story, we had been inundated with emails from readers who had pre-ordered their console even earlier and also received letters.

There may be some lucky ones who do walk away tonight from Target with a PlayStation 4, but that remains to be seen.


Target has responded to this story:

Target is continuing to manage the pre-order process for the PS4 in two stages. The first stage is for customers who pre-ordered the PS4 console early which was before September 17. These customers will receive the console tomorrow.

The second stage is for customers who pre-ordered after all November 29 stock had been exhausted. These customers are expected to receive their order between December 16 and 24.

We understand that an error has occurred at the Eastgardens store, where this store has accidentally moved its launch pre-orders into the stock allocation for pre-Christmas delivery. The store contacted these customers to apologise for the error and offered the affected customers a free game.

We have identified that some stores have had pre-launch orders cancelled so we are organising to re-allocate the cancelled pre-launch PS4 consoles to the affected Eastgardens customers today so they can collect their PS4 console, as well as their free game, in store tomorrow.

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  • Nicholas Pearce

    This happens all the time in retail, look at EB with the Zelda 3DSXL

    Still Target for a video games console, I would never pre order with them.

  • Ta’i Ngatokorua

    This doesn’t make me very confident about my pre-order with Harvey Norman :/ Even though I pre-ordered back in June, I still have a feeling the same will happen to me :/

  • Paul Gbel

    Atleast they giving a free game for their error so not all bad.

  • Mat

    not sure why my comment didn’t come up.
    Target have confirmed tonight that my console is there to pick up tomorrow.
    I received a letter last week to say i can pick up on the 29th. After reading this article i rang to confirm. Ordered on the 23 August.