Not much information has trickled out about Nintendo’s next console, Wii U, since it’s announcement at E3 earlier this year. However, developers are starting to chat about it, one of the first of which is Team Ninja who are working on Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge for the new console.

In an interview with Siliconera, Team Ninja frontrunner Yosuke Hayashi hinted at some Wii U exclusive features, including support for the innovative controller.

“Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is still Ninja Gaiden 3, but we plan to utilize the new controller for the Wii U to do new things,” he said, “You may remember Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS, we’re thinking implementing that kind of action and gameplay in an enhanced way for Wii U using the controller’s touch screen.”

Indeed we do remember Dragon Sword – players would slide the stylus over the touchscreen to slash Ryu’s sword, and tap the screen for ranged weapons. Of course, since the Wii U’s controller is much more advanced, we’re sure they’ll come up with other uses, though the controller does come with a stylus.

They’ll have enough time to figure it out, too. Ninja Gaiden 3 launches on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February, with Razor’s Edge being planned as a Wii U launch title. It will mark the return to Nintendo home consoles for the series, which parted ways back in 1991.

A Ninjo Gaiden 3D is planned for the Nintendo 3DS, but it’s unknown what this title will contain in terms of gameplay and storyline.

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