Telstra today announced that their GameArena and Game Shop services suffered from a hack last night, causing the company to force the resetting of members’ passwords.

Some users will be unable to access the services until they receive an email from Telstra with the process of how to change their password. Telstra have assured users that no financial information (such as credit cards, etc) were stored on the services servers, so such information would not have been affected.

What was stolen, however, was GameArena and Game Shop usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords of “up to 35,000 members”. As a precaution, however, Telstra decided to reset the passwords for some 230,000 members who access the site using a non-BigPond email address.

“My sincere apologies to all members that have been impacted,” JB Rousselot, Executive Director
Media of Applications and User Experience wrote on a blog post “unfortunately these attacks are possible even with the most stringent security measures in place. I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure all our customers we have rigorous measures in place to protect your information at all times.”

Telstra also pointed out that BigPond Broadband account passwords were not affected.

If you cannot access the services and have not received an email, you should head to the GameArena Password Reset page here.

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