This is What You Get When You Combine an Xbox Kinect, a Robot and a Cat

Finally, someone has found a practical use for the Xbox 360’s Kinect motion sensing device. Software engineer and real-life Sheldon, Taylor Veltrop, has developed a human-controlled cat grooming robotic interface device using the Kinect.

Combining the power of several cameras, a robot, a tredmill and a head mounted viewing visor, Veltrop was able to take control of a his robotic avatar and go to town on his less than enthused cat. The internet wins again. Kinect senses his movements, feeds them into the robot who pretty much mimics the human movement from another room.

Developers of all skill level have been encouraged to open up Kinect and tinker with it’s abilities since Microsoft released it’s development kit to the world in a bid to expand it’s possibilities. One of the better sites out there that acts as a home of Kinect hacking awesomeness is KinectHacks, which you can check out here.

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