THQ: Apple and Google to Launch Video Game Consoles

July 14th, 2011 at 8:29 am

THQ boss Brian Farrell has given his company’s insight to the future of video gaming, painting a picture of no consoles, shallow games and a domination of Apple and Google.

Speaking at Gamesbeat ’11 in San Francisco, Farrell predicted that Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will have to share the market with iOS and Android devices. “We believe Apple is going to be there, Google is going to be there,” he said.

“Our view is that the next generation of consoles, if there are consoles, are going to be less about technology and more about service orientation of the gamer.”

He also believes that the handheld market is moving quickly towards a quick turnover of games that don’t necessarily need to be deep experiences;

“The dedicated handheld market is going to find an audience, but it isn’t going to be as broad because of the competition from other operating systems. What the market is telling us, is consumers want a very quickly consumable mobile experience; it doesn’t necessarily have to be deep.”.

Of course, we know there will indeed be next generation consoles, starting with Nintendo Wii U which is due to launch next year, but do you really want a world of shallow, 2 minute experiences? Can you envision a future without Zelda, Mario, Uncharted or Monster Hunter on your handheld devices?

Ty is the founder, Editor-in-Chief and nice guy of The first console Ty owned as a kid was the Sega Master System II which he used to enjoy games like Alex Kidd, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mickey Mouse. Since the early days, Ty's hobby became an obsession and over the years he has amassed a huge collection of video games from all manufacturers. You can read Ty's weekly opinion column here, and follow him on Twitter.

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