Times Square to Become Nintendo’s Mario Land

How much do you think it would cost to hire out Times Sqare’s famous billboards for an entire day? Nintendo doesn’t seem to care, as it’s doing just that to celebrate the release of Super Mario 3DLand on Nintendo 3DS.

The world’s largest video game publisher will hire out Times Square to promote the game on November 12, with the game being released a day later in North America on November 13. People who gravitate towards the area will be given a chance to play the game ahead of it’s release, but will also be able to experience what it’s like to be Mario with real life-sized warp pipes and Mario themed flag poles;

“Nintendo is giving fans in New York City a rare opportunity to experience how 3D significantly enhances and reinvents the beloved Mario gaming experience. Anyone who visits Times Square on Nov. 12 will be invited to play inside Mario‚Äôs 3D world with life size warp pipes, trampoline coin jumps and a flag pole finale,” says Nintendo’s press release.

Nintendo are also handing out limited edition Tanooki ears and tails so they can walk around the Big Apple as the famous powered up plumber himself.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a new carbon tax was priced today…

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  • Anonymous

    Oh man, that is so freaking epic!!! This comes close to the excitement I just had watching Skyward Sword commercials. I wish they could do something like this in Aus!