Konami have announced the release of two demo versions of PES 2012, coming your way in October. The demos will show off how the game looks so far and will be free to download on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The first demo has been dropped today and is based on a preview build of the game. Some of the areas in the game have been refined, but the demo does not give you a clear idea of the final look of the game. Konami hopes people will get their hands on the new Teammate Control elements as well as noting the new, improved AI. You can choose from six teams – Manchester United, AC Milan, FC Porto, S.S.C Napoli, Santos FC and C.A. Panarol – and play against each other in 10 minute matches. This demo also includes Challenge Training elements where fans can practice the new control systems.

Since the first demo isn’t representing the final game, Konami will drop another demo mid-September. This will also allow you to play 10 minute matches, but with a different team roster. In the second demo, you will be choosing between Tottenham Hotspur, FC Bayern Munich, FC Internazionale Milano, Rangers FC, Club America and Sport Club Internacional.

Those aching for the full version will be able to get their mitts on PES 2012 on PS3, X360 and PC on October 13, October 28th for PlayStation 2 and PSP and November 4 for Wii.

The game will also be released on iOS and Nintendo 3DS at a later date.

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