Ubisoft have announced a disc-based release for Beyond Good & Evil HD for Xbox 360.

The disc is a celebration of some of the better games available on Xbox Live Arcade and will contain other games, such as From Dust and Outland. The compilation disc will be exclusive to Xbox 360.

Beyond Good & Evil originally launched in 2003 on Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC and was the creation of Michel Ancel – the creator of the Rayman series. The game scored rave reviews from game fans and critics alike, but for one reason or another failed to sell in the copious amounts Ubisoft – and indeed the gaming world – were expecting.

The game, now re-released in HD, follows a photojournalist named Jade in the year 2435. An alien threat has caused a dictatorship to rise up to defend the population, however certain events lead Jade to investigate a plot so thick with propaganda and stunning twists, any gamer worth his salt needs to play this game.

The disc-release of the HD version, along with From Dust and Outland has been confirmed for a European release towards the holiday season, though an Australian release date has not yet been mentioned.

We will keep you updated as news comes to hand.

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